Top Recliners Under $200

Have you ever been wondering how to fill up that boring space whether in the corner or center of your room? Or do you just wish you could relax more comfortably evenings after work?

Either way, here are 10 stylish chairs that you can consider placing in your room. These chairs are not only going to add to the sophisticated look and feel of your living space but are sure to give you a favorite spot after work from now.

  • With features like reclining backs, footrests that can be adjusted and wide cushions, these chairs are sure to make your TV time in the evening more relaxing and enjoyable.
  • All have to do is choose a look and color that goes the best with the interiors in your room.

Whether it’s for you or for your kid, you are sure to find a chair in this list. These chairs come with sturdy frames, upholsters that make them easy to clean and sizes that make them perfect to have in your home. Let’s have a look at each of them now.

If you’ve been thinking of filling up that empty corner of your room with a comfortable chair, then, here’s exactly what you were looking for. This ultra plush chair from Divano Roma is not just cosy and comfortable but also sophisticated.

Hardwood Frame

This chair comes with a solid hardwood frame that keeps it sturdy so you don’t have to think twice before positioning it anywhere in your house.

Bonded Leather Upholstery

The bonded leather upholstery of the chair ensures that it is easy to clean and also makes it look sophisticated in your house.

Extra Wide Design

This chair has an extra wide design so you can relax and be comfortable with all the space that you need.

Padded Seat

The seat and arms of this chair are overstuffed in order to make them padded and soft so you can comfortably sink into it.

Reclining Position

And if at all you feel sleepy in the middle of a movie, you can always push the back of the chair into a comfortable reclining position for an afternoon nap.

Rocking Feature

This is a motion recliner that comes with a rocking feature so you can rock back and forth on it when you are relaxing at the end of the day. This makes it ideal for nurseries too.

Now, here is a chocolate colored recliner that you are surely going to love having in your room and feel comfortable in. Place it anywhere in your house without having to worry about whether it will blend with all your furniture.

Ideal for Small Rooms

This recliner is built with a space saving design that makes it ideal for small houses where placing extra furniture is something you have to think twice about.

This recliner is just 35 inches wide, which means it will easily fit in any corner of the room.

Sturdy Hardwood Frame

This recliner comes with a hardwood frame that makes it sturdy so you can place it anywhere in your room without worrying about it toppling over.


The upholstery of this recliner is made of microfiber. This makes it stain resistant and thus very easy to clean and maintain.

Reclining Position

This chair has a knob at the side that you can use in order to lower the back of the seat and recline in a comfortable position.

Comfortable Footrest

And it’s not just a comfortable reclining back that this chair comes with. You also have a lever that you can pull in order to extend the footrest of the chair.

Now here is a recliner that you can place in your room to make your favourite spot more comfortable and evenings at home more relaxing. This recliner from Wall Hugger is sure to make your TV time more enjoyable.


This recliner is made from oakwood which gives it a sturdy build that makes it safe to place in any corner of your room.

Comfortable and Stylish

This recliner comes with a contemporary design that is sure to make it go well with the interiors of your room.

Apart from this, the recliner also has a frame that is designed to fit your body perfectly so you can enjoy maximum support as well as comfort.

Extra Leg Support

This recliner also comes with an ottoman so it’s not just your upper body that’s comfortable but your legs too.

This way you can stretch your legs while you enjoy a movie after work.


This recliner is made of microfiber which makes it durable and also very easy to clean. So, maintaining this chair is not going to be a problem.

The microfiber also makes the recliner feel soft and comfortable.

Reclining Position

You can easily recline into a comfortable position when seated on this chair.

All you have to do is make use of the side lever in order to set the chair in a reclining position.

Now, here is a sophisticated looking recliner that is sure to brighten up the look of your room and at the same time give you a comfortable spot that you are going to love. This reclining chair comes in an array of colors so you can choose the one that will go the best with the colors in your room.

Hardwood Frame

This recliner has a sturdy hardwood frame which means that you can place it anywhere in the room without worrying about safety issues.

Comfortable Padding

The recliner is built with an overstuffed padding that makes it very comfortable to recline on.

In this way, you can sit on the chair for hours without feeling any discomfort.

Added to this is a soft foam and a specially designed lumbar support that will go a long way in ensuring that you are comfortable on this chair.

Microfiber Cover

This recliner comes with a microfiber cover of high quality, thus making it long lasting and also very easy to maintain.

Wall Hugging Design

This recliner comes with a wall hugging design and this is another reason why it is so convenient to have in your house.

This way, you can easily place it against a wall for a sophisticated look and also to save space.

Hate sitting on a hard and comfortable chair when you want to relax after a long day at work? Then get this sophisticated looking recliner chair from Giantex to make evenings at home much more enjoyable.

Foldable Footrest

Apart from a comfortable reclining position, this chair also comes with a footrest that can easily be folded back in when not in use.

This way, you can conveniently stretch your legs to be even more comfortable while watching a movie.

Thick Padded Design

The thick padded design of the recliner makes it feel soft and comfortable when you sit on it.

In this way, you can relax on this chair for hours, binge watching all your favourite movies in the most comfortable way.

Quick Switch Design

The quick switch design of the recliner makes it very easy to handle. The switch is on the right side and all you have to do is click it in order to lean the chair back or lift the footrest.

Solid Frame

This recliner is built with a heavy duty iron pipe which goes a long way in making it durable and also very safe to have at home.

Good Weight Capacity

This recliner has a maximum weight capacity of 250 lbs which makes it ideal for people of almost all sizes.

Now, here is a stylish recliner chair that is sure to add to the beauty of your interiors and at the same time make watching movies after work every day more comfortable.

Wooden Frame

This recliner has a wooden frame which makes it solid and sturdy so you can place it anywhere without any worry about it toppling off.

Added to this are the sturdy feet of the chair that go a long way in providing stability and strength.

Suitable for Small Spaces

If space is the reason why you have second thoughts about getting this recliner home, then you don’t have to worry.

This recliner comes with dimensions that make it ideal for small spaces so you can easily fit it into any corner of your room without worrying about it occupying a lot of space.

Sophisticated Look

This recliner has a cover of fabric and is light beige in color.

In this way, it is sure to match the interiors of your room no matter what colors you have.

Reclining Back

The reclining back feature of the chair makes it even more comfortable to have at home.

So, whenever you want to relax, you can easily lean back for an afternoon nap or an evening movie time.

This pretty chair from Great Deal furniture can be just what you need to add some spice to that corner in your room which you wondering how to fill. You can now have a cosy corner to read, watch TV or nap in.

Contemporary Design

This chair comes in a contemporary design with clean lines and a trendy print that is sure to liven up the look of your room.

Added to this are the piped edges that add to the neat look and feel of this recliner.

All these subtle details go a long way in making the recliner perfect to complete the look of your room.


Apart from its sophisticated look, this chair also comes with plush cushions that make it comfortable to sit on.

Low Profile

The low profile of this recliner makes it ideal and a perfect choice for small spaces.

In this way, you can easily fit it in a corner of your room without worrying about it making your space look congested.

The recliner comes in a compact design so you don’t have to think twice about buying it for your small house.

Tapered Legs

This recliner comes with black tapered legs that don’t just complete the look of the chair in a stylish way but also add to its sturdiness.

Get this perfect sized recliner to fit in any space of your home so you can have a cosy and comfortable spot to sip your tea in after a long day at work. The mid century design of this recliner is sure to give your room just the touch of drama that it needs.

Sophisticated Colors

This recliner is available in a range of classy colors like blue, grey, orange and cream so you can choose just the right shade that you think will suit the interiors in your home.

Fabric Composition

This recliner is made of 100 percent polyester which gives it a decent look and also makes it very durable and easy to maintain.

Sturdy Legs

The sturdy legs of the recliner add to its convenience. The legs of the recliner are made of birch and come in a dark espresso color to suit the body of the recliner.

Neat Look

With clean lines and a smooth finish, this recliner is sure to look neat in your room.

And can be easily placed anywhere, without a second thought about whether it will blend with the furniture around.

Highly Comfortable

The tufted back and padded cushions of this recliner ensure that you are comfortable on it, even if you are seated for a whole day.

Kids too need some time to relax after a long day at school. So, here’s this attractive looking kid’s recliner from Flash Furniture that your child is sure to love. Place this in your child’s room to watch him/her squeal with delight at his new chair.

Child Size

This recliner comes in a size that makes it ideal for your child to sit on so it can fit him perfectly and keep him comfortable all day.

Plush Padding

The plush padding of the chair makes it especially comfortable for your child with its soft feel.


This recliner also includes an oversized headrest for your child to lean his head back on while reading a book or watching his favourite movie.

The headrest also includes an additional cover that can come in handy in case of any damage to the first one.

Easy to Clean Upholstery

This chair is designed with an upholstery that makes it easy to clean and thus very convenient for kids. All you have to do is wipe the surface with a damp cloth in case of any spill.

Cup Holder

This chair also includes a cup holder that kids can conveniently place a cup in while sipping milk or any other drink.


This chair comes with a solid hardwood frame and raised black plastic feet that make it safe to have in a child’s room.

Fire Retardant

The CA117 fire retardant foam of the chair makes it additionally safe to have in your child’s room.

Now, here is a chair from Homeall that is just what you need for a sophisticated reading space or any other such requirement.

Homall Single Recliner Chair Padded – Best Recliners Under $200

Homall Single Recliner Chair – Best Recliners Under $200

High Quality PU Leather

This chair is made from high quality PU leather that gives it a decent look so you can place it in your home or office without a second thought.

This also makes the chair skin friendly and easy to clean.

Thick Sponge

This chair is designed with a high density thick sponge that provides it with a high resilience and permeability, adding to its convenience.

Push Back Recline

The push back recline makes this chair easy to lean back on.

All you have to do is lean and push the back the chair for a comfortable reclining position.

Adjustable Footrest

And it’s not just this. The chair also comes with an adjustable footrest so you can easily rest your legs in a comfortable position while enjoying your favourite TV shows.

Comfortable Design

Apart from a push back recline and an adjustable footrest, this chair comes with a thick reclining back and large seat-sized cushion that makes the chair all the more comfortable to relax on.

Added to this are the wide armrests that ensure that your hands are comfortable too. The thick foam padding of the chair makes it soft too.

Steel Frame

This chair is designed with a steel frame that goes a long way in making it highly durable and thus very convenient to have at home


Sturdy designs, upholsteries that make them easy to maintain, comfortable backs that can easily be reclined and adjustable footrests. What more could you want from a chair? Designed with materials like microfibre and PU leather, these chairs are not just easy to clean but also sure to look very sophisticated in your house.

So, if you have been thinking of filling up that vacant spot in your room with an easy chair or other such piece of furniture, change your mind and go for these recliners from some of the best brands mentioned above. Whether its a push back recline or a quick switch recline that you want, browsing through these chairs is sure to help you come across the right piece for you.

Whether you want to save space or sit comfortably with lots of space, you can easily find a chair in the right size for you. With padded seats and soft cushions, these chairs are sure to keep you comfortable all day.

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