Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Base Reviews

Sven and Son adjustable bed has everything you would look for in a bed.

Love relaxing massages? Here it is, 
Love sleeping with your head raised? Here it is too.

You have different positions that can be set by the press of a button. You got your reason as to why Sven and Son adjustable bed.
Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Reviews – Features

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Reviews – Features
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Adjustments – Sven and Son Review
Basic Head and Feet Adjustments

On this bed, you can relax as comfortably as you want with the inclinable head and feet that its built with.

 – The head can be inclined to an angle of up to 75 degrees for problems like insomnia, snoring and sleep apnea. 

 – You can incline the feet to an angle of 45 degrees to rest your tired feet.
Is Sven and Son a Wall Hugger?

And you guessed it right? Yes, it is.

If you are looking for a bed that is a wall hugger, this Sven and Son adjustable bed is just the option for you.

So, when you raise the head of the bed, the bed slides backwards, thus minimizing the distance between the head and the wall.
Advanced Wall hugging, Pillow & Lumbar Adjustments

This bed comes with wall hugging in addition to an individual lumbar and pillow tilt.

 – Wall hugging which lets you move around eight inches closer to your headboard. 

 – And it’s not just this. You also have a nightstand pillow tilt, so you don’t have to bunch pillow behind your head.

 – The lumbar of this bed can be adjusted. In this way, you can easily adjust the support and firmness of your mattress.
Lift Motor Capacity

This bed comes with lift motors that work quietly and have an individual lifting capacity of 850 lbs. In case of split models, the combined lifting capacity is 1700 lbs.
Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – All Adjustments

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – All Adjustments
Remote Control – Sven & Son Review

The different functionalities of the bed can easily be operated with the help of the remote control that comes along with it. The remote control is wireless and this makes it very handy too.

What’s also nice is that it includes upto five settings that you can choose to make your life on the bed easier.

The remote control can easily be used to adjust your different positions on the bed. It can also be used to control your massage functions. With eighteen buttons that are backlit, the remote control can easily be handled in the dark too.
Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Remote Control

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Remote Control
Preset Positions

Let us now have a look at the preset positions this bed comes with. The bed can easily be set into the flat position with a single touch on the remote control.

Then, you have the anti-snore position that prevents you from snoring and making a lot of noise in the bedroom.

You also have the zero gravity position that raises the bed in a way as to get rid of problems like back pressure.
Memory Positions

As said above, this bed is designed to remember five, yes you heard right, five of your favorite positions.

This can make it very convenient, especially if the bed is being shared by all the members of the house.

In this way, none of you in the house have to get into the trouble of setting the bed in your favorite position.

Just save the memory programmable positions with your favorite angles.
Other Important Features
Mobile App

It does not matter whether you have an Apple or an Android device.

The mobile app of the bed uses your Apple or Android device in order to control the different functions.

In this way, you will have no worries when you have misplaced the remote control of the bed.
Power Backup

No, you don’t have to worry in case if the power fails, and it is time to sleep, but your adjustable bed is in the zero gravity position.

You can easily use the power backup feature that comes along with the bed so you can conveniently get the bed set back into the position that you want.
USB Ports

And this bed is also designed in consideration of your love for your phone and other such gadgets.

Found on either side of the bed are USB ports that can be used to charge your phone or tablet.

This way, you can have your phone by your side even while it is charging.
Height Adjustment

This bed legs come in three different sets, each set again having a different length units. This is mainly so that you get to choose the height that you want to set the bed at.

You can choose from the legs of 3 inches if you like your bed low, 9 inches if you like your bed high and 6 inches if you want it somewhere in the middle.
Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Flashlight USB Remote

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Flashlight USB Remote
Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Warranty

Sven and Son Adjustable Bed Review – Warranty
Flashlight &Under-the-Bed Lighting

This bed also comes with a flashlight that can be very useful when you need to get up to go to the loo in the middle of a new moon night. This can prevent any unwanted trips and accidents.

Added to this, you also have a light under the bed that can keep the room pleasantly lit in order to avoid a pitch dark bedroom. This feature is especially helpful if you have kids in the room.
Mattress Retainer Bar

One of the most important features that just cannot be ignored when it comes to an adjustable bed is the retainer bar. This is a bar, normally in steel, found at the foot of the bed.

Included in this Svens and Son bed, it plays an important role in keeping the mattress from slipping, especially if you are the kind that changes positions a number of times in the night.

We all want to and have to know the warranty of a product that we buy, especially something that is supposed to last you for a long time like a bed. So, this bed’s warranty can be found by directly contacting the bed’s seller.
Conclusion – Sven & Son adjustable bed review

Now that you know all the awesome features that you can enjoy with this bed, the dual massage system, the adjustable positions and so much more, what are you waiting for?

Get the bed home today to enjoy a relaxing time at home, all of which can be done with the help of a wireless remote.

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