Roundhill Furniture Bonded Leather Recliner Review

Your house has everything, from a stylish design to superb furniture. However, you need a strong focus to attract attention. What you need is an amazing rocking chair which has t become the trademark of your house.

And Roundhill recliner chair is the super option, it is both comfortable as well as unique. You absolutely need to know these facts about it:

Roundhill Furniture Brandan Bonded Leather Dual Rocker Recliner Chair Review

Design and Look

This is different from your typical design for a rocking chair. Contrary to the traditional design with a frame and seat, they have taken an approach to make it fashionable like a sofa chair.

  • Another unique feature of its design is that it’s back that is fluffier and softer so that even children and people with back problems can easily enjoy this.
  • The color is also quite soothing and can match almost any theme it’s placed inside of.
  • With its spot sides combined with a plush back design, your back and sides are in for a treat when you make use of it.

Material Used and its benefits

The main material that covers most of the area is leather of highest quality, you don’t feel the roughness of the texture, just a soft and comfortable feeling. It also contains hardwood frame along with steel rocker base and sinuous springs.

  • It adds to the feeling of luxury and also compliments various shades of furniture you are likely using in your homes.
  • You won’t need to change anything to make this chair fit inside your setting, it will automatically fit in the setting.
  • It comes with a guide carrying all the instructions for an easy and quick assembly.

Rocking feature details

It contains hardwood frame along with steel rocker base and sinuous springs provide it the push for a gentle yet firm rocking movement.

  • Also, the material makes it sturdier for your back so that your posture doesn’t get affected when you sit and work on it or rock on it.
  • Leather offers a more comfortable seating than wood or other material which is important as you feel safer with it.
  • The spring controls the moment and restricts it to a certain bearable angle. This reduces your chances of injury and you can enjoy a soothing rocking motion without getting sick.

Comfort Factor

Comfort is the prime feature why you buy furniture and this chair does not disappoint in this regard at all. Its leather seats are processed in such a way that they feel soft to touch.

  • The motion is controlled and soothing and kept in a bearable range by its sinuous spring. The back posture of the chair is designed in a way to keep your posture upright all the time without stressing the back in any shape or form.

This chair is so comfortable that you can spend your night sleeping on it and still feel no discomfort the next day.


This chair has a good width to length ratio. It’s 39 x 39 x 41 H, which is massive for rocking chairs available in the market.

This makes it possible to be used by everyone, even children who need more space. It will also make a great addition in your guest seating due to its royal size.


Big, small, young, old, this chair doesn’t discriminate at all. Everyone can easily get accommodated in this chair. The assembly is not as complicated at all. Also, the chair is so spacious that you can fit two people in it at the same time.

Its lever mechanism is also worth a check and will leave your guests with their mouth gaping when they use it once. Add luxury to your house which everyone can enjoy and you bet you’ll get reoccurring guests only to try this chair again and again. This is magical and before you know it, you’ll also be under its spell.