Pulaski Recliner Reviews – Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner

You may have elaborate plans to set up a home theater unit in your bedroom or living room. You may have zeroed in on the right TV and AV receiver units, but without a comfortable recliner chair, the experience will not be complete.

You would definitely need a luxurious recliner chair like the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner. It offers theatre seating like comfort with all required amenities to enjoy the choicest movies in the comfort of your home.

Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner Review
Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner Review

Design and Looks

Pulaski brand of furniture is known for their craftsmanship and durability. The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner is classy looking and it is made of premium faux Leather.

It has understated elegance and you can place it in your living room or even bedroom. The chair is available in some hues and you can pick one according to your choice and decor. The hues are chocolate, charcoal, red and black.

The chair is laden with a swivel tray table which can be set up on the armrest. It can serve multiple needs. There are cup holders included in the armrest as well. The headrest is however not adjustable.

Material Used and its benefits

The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner is made with quality faux Leather. As a matter of fact, it appears exactly like original leather has a subtle glossy look.

  • It is soft to touch and quite durable too.
  • The fabric is made of 20% polyurethane and 80% polyester.
  • The best part is it is simple to clean. You need not worry much after spilling beverages unintentionally- cleanup is easy!
  • While the material is soft, it is not excessively soft and so heavyweight people will feel comfortable to sit on it for long hours. It adjusts to your body contour rather well.


You buy a Home Theatre Recliner primarily for comfort, but it is also necessary that it should have the required features to let you relax and enjoy minus compromises. In terms of features, the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner scores remarkably well. Listed below are the major features of the model:

  • USB charging – Nowadays, most of the gadgets you use have USB ports and it would be nice if you could charge phones or tablets while watching movies in sheer comfort!
    • The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner has an 110V power outlet along with a couple of USB ports placed in its armrest.
    • You can use these to charge any USB powered gadget while watching choicest flicks! You can access the ports simply by pressing a button.
    • It is also great if you do not want to deal with too many cables in the bedroom while using gadgets. The ports are placed inside the arm storage compartment.
  • Swivel tray– The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner comes with a useful swivel tray which can be set upon its armrest.
    • It can be used to keep a tablet or small laptop. This is useful when you need to work and watch movies at the same time, without cutting down on comfort.
    • Of course, you can keep snacks and dishes on the tray. It can be hidden when you do not need to use it- which is neat.
  • Beverage holder– Like a lot of people, you may feel like sipping on cups of steaming coffee or piping hot tea wheel watching flicks of your choices sitting on a soft recliner.
    • With this Home Theatre Recliner, you need not worry.
    • The armrest each has a cup holder. Of course, you can keep glasses to enjoy cold beverages too. The holders can accommodate regular glasses and cups, except really large ones.
  • Reclining– What is the point in investing in a recliner chair it if the reclining features does not work as advertised!
    • The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner can be set to recline at your whim.
    • You can pick from various reclining angles just by pushing a button. You can lay down completely when you get sleepy after watching a long movie as well.
    • It can be set in the right position so that you can sit upright- when watching actions or thriller flicks. It can be a bit noisy though.

What’s missing- While the recliner offers basic amenities you can expect, it misses out on inbuilt heating and massaging features. This can be somewhat unacceptable for buyers who expect utmost luxury and comfort.

Comfort Factor

The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner is very comfortable, without any doubt. You can enjoy sitting on it as well as taking a nap.

  • The size is comfortable for large sized persons too.
  • It is also easy to use. You can set the reclining angles merely by a button push and no complexity is involved.
  • Using the swivel tray is simple too, as is charging gadgets using the ports. Overall, you need not cut down on comfort by using the additional amenities and features.
  • If relaxing is the main priority while buying a recliner chair- it will not disappoint you.


The Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner is a large chair. The model is 38 inches long, while width is 39.5 inches. Its height is 43 inches. The main seat is 24.41 inches wide and depth is 20.67 inches. Seat height is 20.08 inches. The chair has a weight of 119 pounds.


There are several things to like about the Pulaski Power Home Theatre Recliner. It looks classy and built in durable manner- to start with. You get 4 hues to pick from.

The reclining features work as it should though sometimes it can be noisy. The armrest beverage holders are useful as is the included swivel tray which can be multipurpose in nature.

Inclusion of USB ports in the armrest is a great idea and it is helpful for the gadget loving users. Comfort wise, it leaves little room to grudge about and you will like to use it for a short time or long hours.

It lacks features like heating and massaging but those are not much of deal breakers. It would have been better if the head rest was adjustable.

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