Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews – Polaris F9450

Gone are the days when having a swimming pool meant spending weekends scrubbing tiles and walls endlessly.

With the introduction of this robotic pool cleaner from Polaris F9450, maintaining a pool is now going to be Swift and easy. That being said, you can read on to see the features before you consider buying this pool for your home.

Pool Scanner and Navigation System

Designed with an ActivMotion sensor, this device provides optimized cleaning without banging into walls and other parts of your pool. It can easily sense it's position in the pool during the cleaning process and adapt it's path likewise. This also prevents the cord from getting caught in a mess if tangles.

Supported Pool Type/ Size

If you have a deep pool, you don't have to worry. This pool scanner is ideal for all types of pool surfaces and can get even deep pools cleaned. It can easily reach a depth of 50 feet. So, you don't have to think twice before getting it for your large swimming pool. The device is suitable for all types of pool terrains.

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews-Navigation System

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews-Navigation System


This pool scanner with two large filter canisters. With four times the capacity of ordinary canisters, they make the device ideal for pools that tend to collect a lot of dirt, leaves and other debris. This is an all purpose canister that operates at a low cost and is easy to clean. You can easily empty all the debris with a shake.

Polaris Robotic Pool Walls and Stairs Cleaning

Polaris Robotic Pool Walls and Stairs Cleaning


This pool scanner ensures that every part of your pool is scrubbed clean as it comes with pleated scrubbing brushes that ensure efficient cleaning. This way, you can be sure of a sparkling pool that looks as good as new at the end of the cleaning process.

Surface, walls and stairs Cleaning

As this pool scanner is designed with the 4WD technology, it can clean not just your pools surface but the walls too. Added to this is the Vortex Vacuum technology that can capture four times the dirt of that of ordinary pool cleaners.


The overall weight of this pool scanner is just about 16lbs. This makes it lightweight.

So, the need to get it from one part of your pool to another won't be a cause for worry. 

In addition to that, this pool scanner comes with a caddy that makes it very easy to transport.

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Reviews-Weight
Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Programmable Timer

Polaris Robotic Pool Cleaner Programmable Timer

Programmable Timer

Thanks to the seven day programmable cleaning cycle of the pool scanner, you can easily get it scheduled for cleaning without any worry of forgetting to clean the pool on a weekend. The cleaning cycles are fully customizable so you can set them according to your convenience.


If you are worried about how long this pool cleaner will last with you, you can be assured that you won't be facing any problems with it for a couple of years. The pool cleaner is baci by a two year warranty period.


Now that you have all the information you need, you can go ahead and bring home this pool scanner that cleans quickly, efficiently and conveniently apart from being very easy to handle, maneuver and maintain. With powerful scrubbing brushes, an efficient motion sensor, convenient filters, and a timer that you can set, this pool scanner is sure to change the way you maintain your pool.

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