Naomi Ideal Adjustable Bed Reviews

Gone are the days when a simple queen sized bed was all you wanted in your bedroom. Today, you can get a queen sized bed that can do a lot more than giving you all the space you want on the bed.

If you don’t believe it, Naomi idealBase adjustable bed comes with inclinable head and feet, massage feature and so much more is sure to be your favourite. Have a look:

Adjustments – Naomi Home idealBase Review

Naomi Home idealBase Adjustable Bed Reviews - Adjustments

Naomi Home idealBase Adjustable Bed Reviews – Adjustments

Basic Head & Feet Adjustment

With this bed, you can now get rid of sleep apnea and other such problems by inclining the head.

And on times when you want to rest your tired feet, you can also get the foot of the bed inclined.

This makes the bed not just good for sleeping but activities like reading and watching TV too.Enter your text here…

Lift Motor Capacity

Hate having to change positions on an adjustable bed because you are worried about the noise that it can create in the room. Don’t worry.

This bed has motors that work noiselessly so that you can change positions as many times as you want.

Massage & Remote Features- Naomi Bed

Remote Control

Another great feature is that almost everything in this bed can easily be controlled by a press of a button, thanks to the wireless remote control that comes with the bed.

You can easily adjust the base as well as the head of the bed with the help of the remote control.

The remote control also has options to control the memory settings.

This remote control can also easily be synced and used with your phone. Yes, we all know how little devices like remotes can get misplaced in the house. At these times, your phone can be a backup.

Naomi Adjustable Bed Review - Remote Control

Naomi Adjustable Bed Review – Remote Control

Massage Functionality

You would love a good massage when you return from a long day of mails and other work, right?

So, this bed gives you just that. Naomi adjustable bed comes with a massage functionality for your upper as well as lower body. So, you get to enjoy both.

Apart from this, you also get to choose the speed and the intensity in which you would like to have the massage.

So, whether you want something light while watching TV or an intense massage that puts you to sleep, all you have to do is choose.

This bed also lets you set the amount of time for which you want a massage.

Other Important Features

USB Ports

This bed comes with two USB ports that can be used to charge not just one, but two devices.

We know how addicting apps like WhatsApp and Instagram can get.

So, this bed gives you the option of having your phone charged by your side while you are relaxing.

Naomi Home idealBase Adjustable Bed Reviews - USB Ports

Naomi Home idealBase Adjustable Bed Reviews – USB Ports

Power Backup

And you don’t have to worry about all those times when the power fails.

The bed also includes a convenient power backup that can come in handy at times like these.

This way, you can easily set the bed back into the position you want with the help of the remote control.

Mattress Retainer Bar

At the foot of the bed is a steel bar that can play a very important role in keeping the mattress on the bed firmly in place.

The mattresses on adjustable beds are usually prone to slipping off. But with this feature, you can easily change positions without any worry.


We all want to know how long a product is going to remain good enough when we buy it, right? And this is especially true with furniture. You can easily and directly contact the seller of this bed in order to know the warranty that you can enjoy with it.

Conclusion – Naomi IdealBase Adjustable Bed

So, if all you are looking for in an adjustable bed are basic features where the head and the foot can be inclined, a remote control and of course, massage facilities, here is the perfect bed that you are sure to love.

Buy this bed today to make evenings in your bedroom your most favored time of the day.

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