Hofish Adjustable Bed Reviews

A bed is more than a piece of furniture for you to sleep on. Today, a bed lets you relax and refresh in the best way after a long day.

Take for example, this Hofish bed. You can rest your legs up, have your head raised and enjoy a variety of positions on this bed.

Adjustments – Hofish Adjustable Bed Review

Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed Review - Adjustments

Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed Review – Adjustments

Basic Head and Feet Adjustments

The head of this bed can be inclined up to an angle of 60 degrees that can be very helpful while reading a book or watching a movie.

This bed also has an adjustable foot, which can be inclined to 30 degrees so you can rest your tired feet at the end of a long day.

Lift Motor Capacity

Changing positions on your bed is going to be smooth, noiseless and easy as this bed is built with powerful motors that are equipped with the anti-crushing motor technology.

The motors of this bed have a capacity of 750 lbs, so you don’t have to worry about being too heavy for the bed to lift you.

Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed Review – Features

Massage Feature – Hofish Adjustable Bed

While this bed has a lot of interesting features, massage functionality is not included among them, so you may want to think again if this is a feature you look forward to enjoying on your bed.

Remote Features – Hofish Adjustable Bed

And the best part is that all the adjustments of this bed are easy to make and just include a press of a button on the remote control.

Yes, if you thought that only a TV comes with a remote control, this bed will surprise you. This bed has an ergonomic remote control with a total of nine programs.

This is a wireless remote control with a backlit feature that make it very convenient and easy to operate in the dark too.

Preset Positions

This bed comes with two preset positions that you can enjoy at different times.

Watching TV is now going to be more comfortable with the TV position.

Then you have the zero gravity position that assures you of complete body relaxation with a raised footside after a long day.

Memory Positions

We know how annoying it can be to set the bed each time you want to enjoy a certain position.

This is why this Hofish comes with 2 customizable programs that you can set to avoid the hassle of setting your bed in the same position each time.

Important Features – Hofish Review

Hofish 2S Adjustable Bed Review – Important Features

USB Ports

With this bed in your room, you can now have your phone at your side even while it is charging.

You really don’t have to walk all the way to the switchboard each time you hear it beep.

In fact, the bed comes with two USB ports so you can get two devices charged at a time.

Power Backup

You don’t have to worry about having to lie down with your legs or head raised for the entire night in case there is a power failure.

Hofish also includes a power backup so you can get the bed readjusted to a position you want even when the power fails.


While some like sleeping on a low bed, there are others that are more comfortable on high beds that receive the fan’s breeze better.

This is why this bed comes with two sets of legs that you can choose from according to the height that you find more convenient.

Retainer Bar

Now, one challenge that you may come across with this kind of the bed is the possibility of the mattress slipping off the bed each time the position gets changed.

This is why this bed includes a steel bar at the foot to keep the mattress intact. This way, you can change positions without any worries.


All Hofish beds are doubly tested before they reach your home so you can be sure that you get a bed that is qualified and will last for a long time.

Hofish adjustable bed comes with 20-Year limited warranty. Of which, the first 2-3 years shall be full coverage while the remaining period includes prorated coverage.

However, you can also contact the seller directly if you want to know in detail about the warranty of this product.

Conclusion – Hofish Adjustable Bed Reviews

A variety of sleeping positions, a remote control, and memory programs that prevent you from having to adjust the bed each time. What more could you want. So, if you are planning to buy a new bed, don’t forget to check out this Hofish bed for features that you are going to love.

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