Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Reviews

If the right size and good materials are all you are looking for in a new bed, this adjustable bed from Ghostbed is going to surprise you.

With its range of interesting features like a massage function, adjustable head and feet and various preset positions that you can take, all at the press of a button.

Adjustments – Ghostbed Adjustable Bed

Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Base Reviews - Adjustments

Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Base Reviews – Adjustments

Basic Head & Feet Adjustments

If you have a problem of snoring, this bed is perfect for you with its adjustable head that can be elevated, giving you a good sleep.

And after a long day at work, you can easily rest your legs by elevating the adjustable foot of the bed.

Lift Motor Capacity

And if you are worried about disturbing the person on the other side while you adjust your position on the bed, you don’t have to.

The bed is built with lift motors that operate silently, so you can change positions at anytime, even the middle of the night.

Ghostbed Massage functionality

Are there times when you reach home overworked and long to have your feet pressed? Or perhaps there are other times when a long day of emails and sales targets may make you wish for a relaxing head massage. The sad part is with the cost of spas, these can only be reserved as special treats.

But not anymore. With the Ghostbed adjustable bed in your home, you can enjoy an effective massage at any time of day. The bed comes with a dual interactive massage therapy that helps you get rid of all aches and pains to enjoy a good sleep.

Remote Control

No, a remote control is not reserved for a TV alone. Now, here is a bed that can be easily operated, just at the press of a few buttons.

The Ghostbed adjustable bed comes with a remote control that is easy to navigate with eighteen buttons for various purposes.

You can easily adjust the position of the head, foot and overall bed with the help of the remote control. The massage modes, light and child lock are a few other features that this remote control helps you handle.

The remote control also comes with an ergonomic design that makes it comfortable to hold.

Ghostbed Adjustable Bed Base Reviews – Remote Control

Preset Positions

This bed comes with three preset positions.

When you want to watch TV, you can set the bed in the TV preset position for a comfortable posture.

Then you get the zero gravity position that you need for full body relaxation.

Finally, you have the lounge position that is ideal to release your stress after a long day.

Memory Programmable Positions

Having to set the bed in your favorite position each time can be a pain.

This is why this bed comes with 2 memory positions that you can set to automatically relax in your favorite position as soon as you hit the bed.

Other Important Features

USB Ports

This is a world of gadgets. Gadgets that need charging. And gadgets that we cannot live without, especially while relaxing.

This is why this bed comes with a USB port so you can charge your phone and still have it close to you at the end of the day.

Power Backup

So, the next question on your mind is, “what it there is a power cut?” right?

Well, you don’t have to worry about your bed getting stuck in a particular position when there’s a power outage.

This bed also includes a power backup that can be useful in such instances.

Flash Light and Under the Bed Lighting

And in times of emergency, you can easily make use of the flashlight that comes with the remote control of the bed. The bed also includes an LED light underneath, thus eliminating the need for bed lights and lanterns in your bedroom.

Mattress Retainer Bar

At the bottom edge of the bed is a steel retainer bar that goes a long way in keeping the mattress from falling off the bed. You can now adjust the position of the bed as many times as you want without worrying about the mattress slipping off.

Conclusion – Ghostbed Reviews

With a bed like this in your home, your bedroom is the first place you will want to spend time in each day after work.

You can now get a massage at home, watch TV in comfortable positions and lounge in the most relaxing way possible. Evenings at home will now be something you are going to look forward to.

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