DynastyMattress DM9000s Adjustable Bed Reviews

Designed with some of the latest features, DM9000s adjustable bed from DynastyMattress is one of the perfect choices for music lovers. Comfortable to lie on with adjustable and easy to handle features like a wireless remote control and a mobile app, this is just what you need if you are looking for a bed that can spoil you. If you are convinced, here are the features that you can have a closer look at:

Basic Head and Feet Adjustments 

As this is an adjustable bed, you can be in the most comfortable position that you prefer, be it while sleeping or watching TV. The head can go up to an angle of 75 degrees while the feet can be tilted to a 45 degree angle.

Advanced Pillow and Lumbar Adjustments 

Whether you want a bed to enjoy a good night sleep on or a bed that you can laze on while you watch a cricket match, you won’t be disappointed. This bed comes with a motor that lets you adjust it for just the right pillow and lumbar support you need.

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Music System

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Music System

Music System with Woofers 

You can now make listening to your favourite tunes while taking a nap much less complicated. So, if you are the kind that likes music in your bedroom, this bed comes with advanced features that support music. With speakers and woofers right at your bedside, you don’t have to think twice about having some bedtime music.

Wall Hugging Feature

So, on days when you want to sit back and read comfortably on your bed, all you have to do is make use of the wall hugging feature of the bed to move it closer to the wall. This way, you can be within reach of your nightstand too.

Lift Motor Capacity

You can now stay up late nights reading or watching a movie on your phone comfortably in your favourite position. The motors found underneath the bed work quietly so you can easily make adjustments to the position your bed is in without having to worry about disturbing your partner who is asleep next to you.

Massage Functionality 

So, whether it’s you that has had a long day and needs a good massage or your partner, you will have absolutely no inconvenience as this bed comes with an independent dual massage feature. So, you can rejuvenate with your a good massage while your partner can enjoy his favorite match.

Remote Control

The different features of the bed can easily be controlled with a wireless remote control that comes along with it.

This way, you can make adjustments to the bed from anywhere in the room and can even set the position without having to move from your comfortable position while napping.

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Remote Control

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Remote Control

Preset Positions 

This bed supports the zero gravity position, a feature that is becoming increasingly popular today for the kind of weightlessness that it provides you to release your stress after a long day. This way, you can rest in this posture to relieve your pressured limbs and enjoy all the lower lumbar support you need.

Memory Programmable Positions 

This bed also comes with a memory button that prevents you the unnecessary hassle of having to set the same position again. This is especially helpful if you have a favorite position. All you have to do is press and hold to program the base to the position you desire.

Mobile App 

Thanks to the advancement in technology, today, here is a bed that does not just keep you comfortable and lets you choose from different positions no matter whether you are sleeping or resting, but can be easily controlled from your very own phone. All you have to do is get the app downloaded on your Apple or Android phone.

USB ports

So, if you are a person who makes use of a number of gadgets, this bed won’t disappoint you with its USB ports found on either side of the bed. This bed lets you charge an overall of eight devices, four of yours and four of your partners.

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed Reviews-Height adjustability

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed Reviews-Height adjustability

Height adjustability 

While some like a high bed that gets the breeze of the fan, there are others that prefer a lower bed that is safer, easy to get into and more comfortable.

No matter what category you belong to, you can have what you wish as this bed comes with adjustable legs. The legs of the bed can be adjusted from six to ten inches.

Flash Light and under-bed lighting

This bed also includes lights that are found under it, so as to prevent your bedroom from getting pitch dark and causing problems when you need to get up for a glass of water at night. The LED lights provide sufficient brightness to help you navigate your way at such times without disturbing your sleep at night. Added to this is a flashlight that can come on with a press of a button.

Mattress retainer bar

You can choose any mattress that you would like to have along with this bed without giving a thought about whether it’s going to stay in place or slip off. This bed is built with a sleek bar at the foot that keeps the mattress in place so minor or major adjustments won’t cause an inconvenience with the mattress slipping out of place.

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Mattress retainer bar
DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Warranty

DynastyMattress Adjustable Bed- Warranty


So, if you are worried about how long it’s going to be before you will be starting to face problems with this bed, suffice to know that this bed has a frame that comes with a lifetime warranty, so you can have it all through your retirement years. The parts of the bed have a warranty of ten years and these are labor free.

Conclusion - DM9000s Reviews 

So, what more can you need? A bed that lets you stay entertained while you are going to sleep, doesn’t require you to think twice when you want to get into the most comfortable position and can be handled without a fuss. Here is a bed that makes dreams come true, and will last you for years down the line.

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