Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner Review

A recliner is not just a piece of fashionable furniture to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your rooms. It is actually a useful item that can serve multiple needs.

You can relax in the chair after a hectic day and watch favorite flicks on a lazy evening. The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is a worthy candidate.

Design and Looks

The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner may not be the best looking model in its segment but it’s not dull either!

It is sold in 2 hues- Tan and chocolate and both of them look good. The appearance is extremely cozy and soothing on the eyes. It can be kept in your bedroom as well as your living room.

There are no sharp corners or protruding stuffs in this chair that can hurt the kids or pets. The microfiber surface is not exactly like leather, but it feels reassuringly soft.

Features – Dorel Living Recliner

What is the point of buying a recliner chair if it does not have the required features for relaxation? The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner ticks most of the boxes in this regard.


Nowadays, a lot of recliners you find include massaging feature. This is ideal when you want to rejuvenate aching and tired body muscles after returning from office. However, not all recliners with inbuilt massaging fare well.

Some offer multi point massaging and there are a few others that offer more of a vibration than real massaging. This recliner is a mixed bag in massaging and the result it produces suits majority of users well.

Remote Control

You cannot, however expect spa like massaging from the recliner! Controlling the intensity of massaging is possible and its 2 massaging zones can be put on together or separately.

You get a wired remote control unit to operate and control the massaging feature.

Swivel and Heating

If you want a recliner with swivel rotation feature, this one is not going to make you happy. It is a little odd that such a nice looking chair lacks this feature.

Another thing that it does not offer is heating. Now, this can be a concern if you are living in a very cold region where snowfall is heavy and room heating is not enough to stay comfortable.


While massaging and heating is desirable, but they cannot be the core feature of a recliner chair as such! The core function of a recliner is seating posture and comfort. In this regard, the Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage Recliner is good.

The cushioning and comfort it offers is satisfying for the majority of users. The surface is neither too soft nor firm for discomfort.

Reclining and Rocking

This recliner chair features reclining and rocking. The former feature works really well and you can adjust the reclining angle easily.

If you want to catch a quick nap after doing the chores on a weekend- this can be as good as the bed! Rocking also works well and the good thing is neither feature leads to creation of noise.

The lever for reclining adjustment can be operated with one hand except for the kids. However, some users may find operating and closing the footrest a bit tough and it takes a slightly more effort to put it back in, once you stretch it fully.

No Nice-to-have feature

Nowadays, you can find some recliners on the market with a handful of fancy and useful features. These include hidden USB charging ports and cup holders along with side pouches.

These are not gimmicks as such and movie buffs would appreciate such features. Such features also make the need of using additional furniture and accessories redundant.

The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage recliner does not come with such features, which is not surprising given its price range.

Comfort Factor

The primary reason you shop for a recliner chair is sitting comfort- there is no denying it! The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage recliner is quite comfortable.

Unless you are a very tall or obese person you will have no problem fitting in. The cushioning it offers is very good and in this regard it is better than some of the higher priced rivals. The surface feels good though not as comfortable as leather.

You will not feel tired even after spending a long time sitting or lying in this recliner. The only thing some users may dislike is the massaging in full power.


The Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage recliner is not very heavy though it is large sized. The chair weighs 75 pounds approx.

After you assemble it, the height is 40 inches and width is 41 inches. The length is 36 inches.

Material Used and its benefits

The microfiber fabric lends it a leather like look and it is quite good at replicating the feel too. The surface is neither too dull nor excessively glaring and it is easy to clean up. The microfiber fabric and foam seating is very nice.

The back cushions are sewn in for a minimalistic look. Even the padding for its armrest feels quite comfortable.

The inner materials also feel robust and unlike some cheap models it does not have many plastics inside.

Whether you recline to full length or keep rocking, it does not feel flimsy at all.


There are certain things about the Dorel Living Padded Dual Massage recliner that you will definitely like.

  • The design is aesthetically pleasing and the offered colors will gel in with décor of most households.
  • The chair surface is easy to clean and feels quite soft.
  • The massaging is mostly vibration based and the motor does get loud. However, it still makes your muscles feel better!
  • The lever based reclining works well too.

So, what do you miss out? Heating is not there and neither do you get the luxury of USB charging and upholders! For the core purpose of relaxation, it leaves little room for grudges.

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