Dolphin Sigma Robotic Pool Cleaner Review

We all want a sparkling blue pool that adds to the luxury of our homes and gives us a place to relax with friends on a lazy Saturday afternoon. But no one wants to go through the painful task of cleaning and maintaining such a pool.

The good news is that with this pool scanner from Dolphin Sigma, cleaning is something you won’t even have to think about when you decide to buy a pool for your home. That being said, here are a few features of this pool scanner that you can read about:

Pool Scanner and Navigation System

This pool scanner is designed with an advanced navigation system that provides your pool with an effective and efficient form of cleaning.

This way, you don’t have to worry about obstacles getting in the way. The cleaner has a software that can scan your entire pool to get it thoroughly cleaned.

Cleaning Cycle/Time

Suddenly decided to get your friends over by the pool this afternoon but are thinking twice when you see those few dried leaves and spots of dirt at the bottom of your pool?

Don’t worry, just get the pool scanner and set it to work to have a spotlessly clean pool in a matter of two and a half hours.


Apart from leaves, algae is another painful eyesore that we can come across in a pool. Bacteria is another issue that can make a pool very unhygienic.

However, with the dual scrubbing brushes of this pool scanner, you can ensure that your walls, waterline and stairs are powerfully cleaned in no time.


If there is one thing that we worry about when it comes to cleaners like these, it’s handling the filters, but with this Dolphin Sigma pool scanner, you don’t have to worry.

The scanner comes with top-loading cartridge filters that are huge and can easily trap even debris that are extremely fine.

Surface, Walls and Stairs Cleaning

Worried about how this cleaner can get your large residential pool cleaned? This pool scanner comes with an anti-tangling swivel cable that can easily cover every corner of your pool in the process of cleaning.

This makes the cleaning your pool and maintaining this pool scanner easy and hassle-free.


Not only is this pool scanner effective in cleaning and easy to maintain but also lightweight and easy to carry around. The device has an overall weight of 35 pounds.

This makes putting it away and carrying it to the pool easy, hassle-free and something you don’t have to think twice about.

Supported Pool Type/Size

It doesn’t matter whether you are looking to buy a cleaner for your four-feet kids swimming pool or for the large and deep pool in your new hotel.

This pool scanner can clean a pool that is as deep as 50 feet. So, the size or depth of your pool are factors you don’t have to consider when you buy this pool scanner.

Programmable Timer

Yes, remembering to clean your pool on a regular basis may not be as easy as it sounds with the amount of chores we have to deal with in the house.

But with this Dolphin Sigma pool cleaner, you can easily set a weekly schedule to have your pool automatically cleaned according to the frequency of your choice, be it two or three times a week.

You can easily do this by connecting the device to your smartphone with the help of Bluetooth.


Worried about how long this Dolphin pool scanner will remain with you or whether you will have to put up with problems that arise after you buy it?

This pool scanner comes with a warranty of three years. If you are to face any issues within this time span, you can get it notified with the concerned authorities to have these problems fixed for you.


So, here is a pool scanner that gets your pool cleaned within no time, effectively rids your walls, stairs, surface and waterline of all kinds of dirt, is easy to use, can be set automatically and finally, is also very easy to handle and maintain.

What more could you want? Get the pool scanner home today to make cleaning your pool a pleasure.