Best Recliner Chair Reviews

You need to adorn your room with various types of furniture and some of them are aimed at enhancing aesthetics while others serve the purpose of sheer functionality. Some furniture, however, serves both the purposes well. One such example is the recliner chairs.

Typically kept in the living room or bedrooms, these lavish pieces of furniture are meant to let you relax after a grueling day’s work. However, these chairs also serve as perfect accessories to let you watch the choicest movies on a holiday on home theater.

  • Most recliner chairs come fitted with accessories and features to enhance comfort quotient. They, for example, are often fitted with cup holders tucked in the arm rest and support swivel and tilt for optimum user comfort.
  • Some of the high end recliner models also come with inbuilt massaging and heating features and they cost more than entry level units.
  • As for aesthetics, you can pick from various external colors nowadays. Recliners also come in varying types of surfaces such as matt finish and stain resistant coating etc.
  • These aspects are important if you are particular about buying furniture that gel with your interior décor.

Listed below are some of the top recliner chairs you can consider for personal usage needs:

Acme Arcadia Recliner

The Acme Arcadia recliner may not be the most stylish recliner but it is not dull looking either. It has an understated elegance that will fit in most households without issues.

You can select from a few colors, but the best looking of the lot is Oakwood Chocolate. You may also settle for hues like light brown, beige, sage. The recliner is equipped with pocket coil seating mechanism.

The recliner is made with wood, Metal Frames but some plastic parts are also there. The exterior coating is made of polyester microfiber and the surface is smooth enough.

The chair is adequately comfortable, though not the category best. The outer surface is not glossy and keeping it dust free is not tedious. However, you may find it hard to clean up certain type of stains caused by liquid spillage. It weighs approx 76 pound post assembling.

There is an external handle to operate the reclining mechanism of the unit. Setting up the chair, following the included guidelines is not tedious as such. It however does not come with an inbuilt massaging feature.

Neither does it come with heating feature. The dimension makes it ideal for both teenagers and adults-except for those above 6 feet.

Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner

If money is not a hindrance, the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner can fit your bill for really comfortable and functional chair. This recliner comes fitted with dual motors and the operation is quite smooth and noiseless. At the press of a button, the reclining function can be activated.

The cushioning used in the unit is reasonably thick and owing to metal reinforced frame it can support heavyweight persons without issues.

Aesthetically, this recliner will make most buyers satisfied. You can opt for saddle brown or black hues-each having real leather like appearance.

However, in reality it is made of thick poly fiber. So, the surface is not slippery like real leather. Despite its large size, setting up the unit is not tedious and guidelines are provided with the chair.

It weighs 121 pounds and you get two packages to assemble basically.

One nice thing about this recliner is that the backrest and feet parts work independently-thereby giving you better control over your relaxing posture. The remote control works well too.

It can be especially suited for people who want ultimate comfort and aesthetic furniture at the same time.

Esright Massage Recliner 360 Degree Swivel

This recliner chair is ideal for people who want a reclining seat with maximum comfort and additional amenities. This model looks sleek and offers optimum level of comfort.

The PU leather design is quite sturdy and copes with regular wear and tear pretty well. The armrest and back cushion is quite thick.

Unless the user is very tall, there will be no issue. It comes in a number of hues and Espresso and black look better than others.

There are some people who buy recliner chairs not only for relaxing after a tiring day. They also want the recliner for watching movies on holidays amidst comfort.

It is only natural that they will feel like sipping on steaming cups of coffee or tea while watching choicest flicks on the home theater! With this recliner, no other accessory or furniture will be required to hold the drinks.

The recliner features 2 cup holders which will take in moderate sized cups. You also get 4 storage bags which can be used to hold popcorn packs or magazines.

As far as comfort goes, it ticks most of the boxes. It offers 360 degree swivel along with 150 degree recline feature. You get a remote control unit which has 2 intensity levels and 5 control modes.

However, the heating function is meant for the lumber section only. You cannot have heat and massaging activated at the same time.

Flash Furniture Plush Rocker Recliner Review

This is a versatile recliner that can be ideal both for the grownups and kids, as it comes with inbuilt rocking feature. It comes with arms that are adequately padded and it has bustle back cushions for ultimate comfort.

You can also activate reclining with the push of a lever when you are in the mood for a quick nap. It is upholstered with brown leather and the surface cleanup does not take much time. The seat contains CA 117 class fire retardant foam.

The surface has a polyurethane & leather blend, but it is durable and does not get scratched easily. The construction is good and setting it up is not tedious for anyone.

There are 2 parts and assembling them should not take more than 15minutes. The fit is good and it does not feel wobbly even after prolonged usage. The chair is quite large and tall users will not have any hardship in fitting in.

However, this is not the recliner for you if you want additional comforts. It does not come with inbuilt massaging and heating. For the basic purpose of reclining and relaxing in a comfortable seat- it scores pretty well.

Homelegance Glider Reclining Chair

This is another sturdy and aesthetically made recliner chair that will fit the need of the majority of users. The dark brown bonded leather surface looks elegant. It is made up of Polyester, Leather, and cotton.

The surface is also simple to clean. The reclining mechanism is activated through a lever and gliding movements. You can also opt for a black variant of this recliner.

The recliner is shipped in a squat box containing 4 pieces- 2 back sides, center back and the seat itself. Setting the recliner up is not tedious and it is not a lengthy affair either.

The model is very comfortable and large sized adults will also feel relaxed in it. The footrest part however is a mixed bag. It is easy to open, but takes some efforts to close properly.

The chair feels quite durable after setting up and will not become loose even with daily use.

The recliner is ideal for relaxing or taking a nap. However, it may not be ideal for movie watching as there is no cup holder. On winter nights, you may not find it worth sitting on as there is no inbuilt heating feature.

Mecor Heated Recliner Chair Review

If you want a recliner that offers maximum level of comfort while enhancing the aesthetic appeal of your interiors, go for this model. This may not come for cheap, but you sure get the worth of your money.

The chair is wrapped with High quality bonded leather which is soft to touch. The solid wood frame ensures the recliner remains sturdy in the long run. It will hold a large sized adult person with ease.

When it comes to sheer comfort, this recliner has very few rivals. The reclining function works like a charm and it can be made to recline to 135 degrees- making things perfect for users who want to enjoy naps.

The footrest pops up as the chair reclines. This helps relieve pressure on neck to an extent.

The chair has 8 point massaging with decent massage functionality that makes you feel good after a hard day at work. Apart from massaging, this recliner also has inbuilt heating.

You get a remote control to control these features and it works pretty well.

This recliner is ideal for enjoying movies on weekends or holidays with beverages and snacks, or a steaming cup of tea. There are cup holders below arm rest and you get 3 pockets to store newspaper or remote unit. The entire unit is simple to set up too.

Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner

The Pulaski Power Home Theater Recliner is a feature packed recliner chair that is aimed at users who want optimum comfort with additional functionalities.

Made of high quality faux Leather the chair is sold in a few colors and the charcoal and chocolate look better than others. The glossy surface is easy on the eyes and cleanup is simple, even after spilling drinks. Despite its soft surface, it adjusts to body contour well.

This recliner is not meant only for relaxation and comfort. The utilitarian aspect has not been overlooked by the manufacturer either!

The unit comes with a useful swivel tray table and that can be set up on an armrest. Then you can put magazines or a coffee cup on it while watching movies or watching TV. The headrest is good, but not adjustable.

The recliner also lets you recharge Smartphone and small gadgets while you relax on it, thanks to the hidden USB port and there is a 110v power outlet in it.

These ports are tucked in its arm storage compartment. The armrests have cup holders and they are ideal unless you have large beer mugs.

The reclining feature works as promised and you can use a push button to activate it. The inclusion of heating and massaging will make it a category killer.

Relaxzen Rocker Recliner With Heat & Massage Review

The Relaxzen Rocker Recliner is a nice model for those seeking a comfortable chair with required features. The chair looks elegant and build quality is pretty good.

The Soft bonded leather has a nice finish and it has plush cushioning which envelops your body well. The reclining feature works well and multiple reclining angles can be set.

The recliner comes with elaborate massaging features. The thigh, lower back and upper back parts of the body can get the massaging effect.

There are as many as 8 powerful vibration motors. There are 9 massaging modes and 5 intensity levels to customize massaging.

It works well, but do not expect therapeutic or spa like effect! You get a remote control too. On top of that you get heating. The chair can hold large sized persons easily.

While the recliner is quite comfortable and massaging is generally good, it is not exactly without a few drawbacks. The heating is not very effective.

The footrest, once opened is very tough to close with one hand and you may have to get aided by someone. This can be hard on the elderly users with frail health.

Roundhill Furniture Brandan Dual Rocker Recliner

The Roundhill Furniture Brandan Bonded Leather Dual Rocker Recliner is a decent recliner for people with a modest budget. It does not have too many fancy features, but offers relaxing posture and decent comfort.

The brown bonded leather looks elegant and it lasts for quite long. The steel rocker base frame is also sturdy and the design is minimal yet enticing.

The craftsmanship is evident from any angle you look at the chair. Its High resilience seat foam ensures comfortable sitting- even for long hours.

The chair offers decent lumbar support and there is a footrest too.

As for reclining, you will not face many hiccups. The reclining can be adjusted and even tall persons should not face woes. This unit is heavy, but setting it up is not much hard or time intensive.

It is not ideal when you are looking for a recliner that packs in additional bells and whistles.

There is no cup holder or USB charging facility. The recliner does not come with massaging feature either.

Using the footrest can be a tad problematic, more so for the elderly people. For its price tag, there is not much to grudge about.

Homall Single Recliner Chair 

The recliner is ideal when you are short on budget yet want an elegant looking chair offering good comfort. The design is minimal yet aesthetic and the stitching adds to the appeal.

The upholstery is made of PU leather which is durable. The chair is pretty comfortable owing to its adjustable footrest, curved wider armrests and cushioned back.

The headrest however, may be a tad small for taller users. It has a durable steel frame and has thicker foam padding.

The recliner features a Retractable footrest with easily adjustable modes. The surface is nice to touch but the armrests are on the smaller side.

One thing you have to cope with is it has manual operation and there is no remote control. You cannot expect anything like massaging and heating in this unit. Setting up the unit however is not a problem.

After sitting on the recliner applying some force is required to pull back the footrest fully. There is no push button or side lever to do the task. This can be an issue with people with aching back.

Conclusion – Best recliner reviews

Picking the right recliner chair is not easy owing to the abundance of options in the market. However, it is not tedious when you know your priorities and have set a budget range. It will be necessary to analyze the following factors:

  • Budget- You should not exceed the budget to buy a recliner. However, if it bundles in useful features like a USB port, you may make an exception.
  • Usability- You have to think about usability issues. If the chair is going to be used by several persons, buying a larger sized recliner makes sense.
  • Functionality- If you want to use the recliner for movies, buying a unit with cup holders is prudent. If you have back pain issues a chair with inbuilt massaging can be of great help.

Apart from these, you have to analyze factors like east of setup, warranty coverage and check out the reviews online.

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