Best Home Theater Recliners

There are many manufacturers of home theater recliners. You can look for such furniture in normal furniture stores or browse through various options available online.

Mentioned below are some of the best home theater recliners available:

Homall Recliner Chair – Home theater recliner

The Homall Single Recliner Chair is a piece of furniture which offers excellent comfort to people sitting on it.

Homall single recliner chair comes with pushback mechanism and adjustable footrest. Armrests on the recliner chair are quite wide, curved and provide great support to the arms while sitting. Further, seat cushion is also of large size, accommodating people of all sizes and shapes.

Backrest is also cushioned so that reclining as well as sitting becomes comfortable and relaxing. Best quality material in the form of high quality PU leather is used in the making of the home theatre recliner. The comfort factor is enhanced with the use of high-density thicker sponge offering high permeability and high resilience.

Footrest in the recliner is also upgraded. The footrest has a steel frame, making it highly durable and has thick foam padding making it comfortable in the best possible manner. The exquisite stitching design on the surface of the recliner offers comfort experience and also looks elegant and sophisticated.

There are four plastic feet at the bottom of the recliner so that it does not remain in direct contact with the floor. Weighing about 61 pounds, the recliner chair can be kept in any part of the house comfortably.

Pulaski Home Theater Recliner Review

The Pulaski 1985-178-083 Larson Theatre Recliner is one of a kind when it comes to high quality home theatre recliners.

Available in black colour, this recliner comes with highly advanced mechanism. The furniture comes with premium faux leather cover. This makes the outer cover of the recliner extremely soft and smooth to touch. Moreover, the material is highly durable in nature and will last for years when maintained in the right way.

The material is also breathable in nature imparting high comfort levels. The content of the fabric is 20% polyurethane and 80% polyester. In case of any spilling, etc., it can be readily wiped with the help of a damp cloth. The cushioning of the recliner needs a mention for sure. The armrests are padded and come with storage facility.

There are 2 USB charging plugs and one outlet concealed in the storage area. This area can be accessed by the push of a button and the phone or tablet can be readily charged. There is a swivel tray as well attached to any one arm of the recliner on which snacks can be kept. There is a cup holder as well.

The Power Recline function works with the touch of a button. You can recline to relax or even lay flat for a short nap.

HomCom Massage Recliner Chair Review

When you are looking for a vibrating and massage recliner chair, there is no better option than the HomCom PU leather heated vibrating 360 degree swivel massage recliner chair.

You can easily recline in ultimate comfort and style in this recliner with overstuffed padding and cushioning. Right from the main seat to the armrests from the backrest to the footrest – every part of the recliner has excellent cushioning.The furniture comes with fully reclining facility and 360 degree swivel.

A handy remote control for controlling the functions is given. The recliner comes with soothing heating and vibrating function. Aches and pains in the body are minimized with the heating function, particularly in the waist area. It is indeed highly relaxing. Along with heating, vibrating facilities are also available in the recliner.

There are a total of 8 vibrating massage motors, which target zones in the upper and lower back as well as calves and thigh areas. The vibrators can work all at once or in specific areas as required. There are different levels and modes which can be adjusted and selected in the recliner for comfort.

Supple faux leather is used in the making of the recliner along with pockets on the sides and front of the chair. A cup holder is also there in place.

Giantex Manual Recliner Chair Review

An extremely smart and sophisticated looking recliner chair, the Giantex Manual Recliner Chair is suitable for all kinds of home setups.

There is no doubt about the fact that taking a first glance at the recliner you are sure to fall in love with this unique piece of furniture. The recliner is thickly padded with high quality thick sponge. The padding is heavy on the neck area, loin area as well as in the back part. The pressure on the neck and the back can be reduced with the padding.

It is simple to assemble and can be done easily at home. For extended durability, the recliner is structured with heavy-duty iron pipe. The recliner has a weight capacity of about 250 lbs.

Foldable footrest design helps you in getting ultimate comfort while you are stretching or reclining or even sitting. The recliner is extremely easy to operate with the quick switch design. Click the adjustable switch on the right side of the recliner so that the backrest is lowered and the footrest is lifted.

People in all age groups can operate this recliner easily. It can be placed in the living room, balcony, bedroom and even in the study as per convenience.

Esright Massage Recliner Review

Recliner chairs like this with heating, reclining, massaging and vibrating features are extremely high in demands with people. It is needless to say that relaxing in such a recliner is extremely comfortable.

When you see the chair first, you will have the impression of it being overtly comforting. The upholstery is made with sturdy yet very soft PU leather design. Extra thick sponge is used in the padding and cushioning of the recliner particularly in the backrest, armrest and even in the footrest.

The material is suitable for intensive use and is highly durable. With slight maintenance, it can last for years without any kind of complaints. The recliner is controlled manually, but it comes with 150 degrees recline feature and 360 degree swivel feature.

There are 5 control modes and 2 intensity levels provided in the recliner to adjust to your needs.

Storage facilities in the recliner are also abundant in the form of 2 cup holders and 4 storage bags, two on each side of the furniture and two in the front. The recliner is easy to assemble and can be done at home easily. Black in colour, the recliner weighs 92.6 lbs. On the whole, a great investment for the money from all aspects.

Seatcraft Equinox Home Theater Seating Recliner Review

This home theatre seating recliner is a show-stopper for sure. The bright red colour Seatcraft Equinox Home Theatre Seating Recliner comes in a row of 3.

The seats look just like the ones in the theater and add to the movie watching ambience perfectly. Hand selected top grain leather is used in the making of the recliner. This gives the furniture a rich and fine look and touch. Along with this, the material also enhances durability of the recliner.

With abundant cushioning in the arms and back and with proper lumbar support, watching a movie or reclining on the recliner is highly comfortable. And all the adjustments take place at the mere push of a button.

Other convenient features which are there in the recliner include in-arm storage options, USB charging ports, free tray table for each seat, ambient base lighting, lighted cup holders etc.

Another fascinating feature of the recliner includes a pre-installed bass-shaker in each seat. Watching the movie goes to a different dimension with implementation of such technological advancements.

With use of cool gel foam, the chair adjusts as per body contours and the seat remains at an even temperature. Sit, recline or lie down on the recliner and enjoy the movie experience at home brilliantly.

Homelegance Double Reclining Loveseat Review

The Homelegance Double Reclining Loveseat in black bonded leather is an excellent piece of furniture to have in your home. The furniture gives an ideal space in the house where both of you can cuddle together, read a book, enjoy your favorite movie, sip on your favorite wine and even take a nap huddling one another.

An excellent release mechanism is used in the reclining loveseat so that with a gentle pull, you can be in the ultimate comfort zone. Black bonded leather is used for the outer covering and upholstery of the loveseat recliner.

Apart from black, the furniture is available in two other colours as well, including brown bonded leather and chocolate textured plush microfiber. The material is of high quality and hence soft and supple to touch.

The seats, arms, back and the headrests in the furniture are cushioned and padded with high density foam adequately for providing high levels of comfort. Assembling the piece of furniture is quite simple and can be done at home by following the instructions which are provided.

The lever action reclining mechanism ensures easy operations. Having such a piece of furniture in the home enhances the valuation of the place significantly and adds a luxurious appeal to the space.

Flash Furniture Eclipse Series 3-Seat Reclining

Flash Furniture 3-seat reclining seating unit is an excellent choice when it comes to contemporary theatre seating in your own home. Having a home theatre experience is incomplete without the right kind of seating furniture and this is probably a great choice in this regard.

The three push back recliners are joined to one another for excellent comfort and relaxation. Smart in looks and sleek in design and appearance, this piece of furniture adds a new dimension to the theatre watching experience right in the living room of the house.

Black LeatherSoft upholstery is used in the reclining seating unit. LeatherSoft is the combination of leather and polyurethane. It makes the surface a soft and supple feeling. Not only this, durability is guaranteed from this material. Cleaning the surface is also easy in case something falls or spills on the reclining seating unit.

There are two storage consoles in the seating unit where various things can be kept easily. There are two cup holders each on each storage console.

Special mention also needs to be made of the plastic floor glides in the furniture. The footrest is extremely comfortable and you can elevate your feet and recline and enjoy your favorite TV show or movie with your friends.

RecPro Charles Collection | 67″ Double Recliner

The loveseat from RecPro Charles Collection is an excellent space saving zero wall recliner.

It just needs 3 inches clearance from the wall for complete reclining. Hence this love seat is high in demands even in small apartments, where space constraint is a major issue.

Available in toffee color, faux leather (polyurethane) is used in the making of the outer cover of this recliner. As a result, the furniture is not only durable, but also easy on maintenance. Use a damp cloth and clean the love seat recliner to make it look like new.

The pattern of the fabric gives it an elegant look and feel and helps in syncing with all kinds of interior décor and designing. On taking a look at the furniture, you can understand it is extremely comfortable. Adequate cushioning is provided in the recliner in the seat area, in the armrests as well as in the back and headrest.

The center console of the double recliner/love seat comes with storage facility as well as 2 cup holders. There is a parachute style pull handle for the reclining facility in the recliner as well. With a weight of 198 lbs, this piece of furniture can be kept in the living room as well as in the bedroom as per convenience.

Sit, recline or enjoy a short nap on this recliner/loveseat with your loved one.

Conclusion – Best home theater recliners

All these above mentioned home theater recliners are the best available ones. Right from single seating to triple seating arrangements, the recliners can accommodate people in different sizes and shapes.

Made from the best materials, seating is extremely comfortable in the recliners. Moreover, these furniture pieces are durable and low on maintenance. With a little care, they will last a lifetime without any kind of problems. Along with seating, you can enjoy reclining or even sleeping on these home theater recliners with ease and comfort.

Advanced technological innovations are implemented in the reclining seats so that one can get the best experience from the same.

Manufactured by different companies, each of the recliners looks splendidly stylish and elegant at the same time. Depending on the numbers of seats and on the technologies implemented in the same, the prices of the recliners vary from one another. Choose the one which fits in within your budget and syncs with your home settings.

Why Home theater recliners?

It is not always possible to go to a theatre for watching a movie. Now the same experience can be enjoyed at home only. The movie watching experience can be enhanced with proper seating arrangements. And in this regard, home theatre recliners have become a popular choice with people. These recliners are available as single units as well as in the form of two or three chairs joined together. The arrangement of the recliners is done in such a manner that you will get the feel of watching movie in a theatre hall.

Available in different shades, these home theatre recliners enhance the appeal of the living room significantly. Many people now have a separate area for TV watching, playing games, movie watching and other kinds of entertainment. Placing these home theatre recliners in these areas is simply a great idea. The features of the chairs might vary from one another. The ones in the higher price range have more advanced features. Choose the one that fits well within your budget and also syncs with the interiors of the place.

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