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Recliners have made their way into our homes – in bedrooms, drawing rooms and living rooms. While some recliners come with just reclining facility, others provide ultimate lounging experience.

Ashley Furniture creates some amazing pieces of furniture for your home including power recliners. With these recliners, you will not feel like getting up once you have a seat.The recliner is not only soft and comfortable to sit on, but has the perfect design for your back and whole body.

Design and Looks

When it comes to the design and looks of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner, it is needless to say that the furniture looks gorgeous and grand.

Extremely stylish in design, the recliner can become the center of attraction in any room of the house easily. The recliner is designed in a manner for providing complete support and comfort to the person sitting on it.

The back of the recliner is high and is thickly cushioned for comfort. The armrests provide total rest to the arms.The size of the recliner is such that it can accommodate persons of all sizes. The brown upholstery used in the recliner adds to the sophistication and elegance of the furniture.

Material used and its benefits

When you see the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner, you will feel that it is made of pure brown leather. The saddle brown upholstery has the appearance of leather, but it is actually not so.

The material, which is used in making the recliner is thick poly fiber, which not only makes the recliner soft to touch but gives a cozy feel-good touch. In fact, if something falls on the recliner, it is easy to clean. Just use a damp or wet cloth and wipe the recliner to clean.

Not only this, the material is easy to maintain and lightweight as well. On the whole, a great material for a super comfortable recliner.

Ashley Power Recliner Review - Features


When it comes to the features of Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner, it is nothing but great – in every sense!

  • The first and foremost thing that is important is that the recliner is extremely easy to assemble.
  • The hardware and tools are included in the set along with a clear set of instructions as how to install the recliner.
  • The recliner can easily pass through doors even 30 inches in measurement.
  • There is a strong corner blocked frame, which comes with a metal reinforced seat. Thus the main base or foundation of the recliner is solid and strong.
  • This is a dual motor lift chair recliner, where functionality and style amalgamate excellently with one another. The power lift has the capacity of easing you back with a mere touch of a button. The legs also get elevated for excellent lounging experience.
  • The dimensions of the recliner are such that it is highly suitable for people of all sizes. Even plump and healthy people will fit in the recliner comfortably and enjoy napping or relaxing in the best manner.
  • The smooth brown upholstery of the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner needs special mention. Though the saddle brown upholstery looks like real leather, it is actually not so.
  • Thick poly fiber is used in the recliner, which not only makes the recliner extremely soft to touch, but gives it a cozy feel at the same time.

The recliner is designed for super comfort and support with high back and thick cushions at the back and in the armrests.

Ashley Power Recliner Review

Comfort Factor

It is needless to say that the Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner is high on the comfort factor. The metal reinforced seats and hand rests covered in soft thick poly fiber upholstery to make the recliner soft and comfy.

The recliner has a power lift switch with which the back can be eased and the legs can be elevated for having a lounge like experience. The back is high, so that there is complete support while sitting.

The thick cushions also provide required comfort and support. The armrests are thick and very comfortable. For comfort, this recliner can be given great ranks.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner comes in generous sizing. While the recliner weighs 121 pounds, it is 42.5 inches in assembled height, 35 inches in assembled width and 40 inches in assembled length.

The seat height is 20 inches and the fully reclined length is 69 inches. The height of the reclined footrest is 19.50 inches.


Ashley Furniture Signature Design Power Recliner is an easy on assembly power recliner for your home. The recliner is not only stylish and of great design, but offers optimum comfort to people of all sizes.

The recliner is designed in such a way that it can be adjusted as per the body shape. The back cushion and the armrests are thickly padded and cushioned so that high levels of comfort are attained.

Ashley Furniture is a name in the furniture industry and it has strived to provide the best products to customers at the most affordable rates. Bring the recliner, home and see how it becomes a favorite with all.

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